Master Training Systems Classes

Tai Ji Quan, popularly referred to as "Tai Chi", is the most widely known of the Internal Arts of ancient China. In Tai Ji Quan, like negative and positive terminals support the flow of electricity, Yin and Yang cooperate to support the flow of vitality -- a balance between mind and movement, between stability and flexibility. A series of ideas leads to a series of feelings; thus movements, comfortable and natural for adults of all ages, are expressed correctly from within. Beginning slowly, calmly and quietly, deliberately, and gradually more fluently and freely, the practice of Tai Ji Quan synthesizes mental development, vitality exercise, and practical skills of balance with subtle martial arts of the highest level.

Since Master Training Systems was established in 1990, we have conducted regular classes, seminars and study tours in Florida, California and China. Organizing the traditional influences of two Grandmasters and distilling the essential elements of ancient tradition, we have taught over two thousand adults of all ages, in more than 30 communities, to relax, energize, and balance.

Private Lessons and Special Events

Grandmaster Guiffre has retired from conducting regular weekly group classes to better focus on private lessons and special events. To contact Grandmaster Guiffre regarding private lessons or to hire him for a special event, he may be contacted through his special liaison William Betts - Director, Motion Health Institute.

Local In Person Group Classes

Master Training System's local in-person classes are managed and conducted by Palm Beach Tai Chi. Please visit the Palm Beach Tai Chi Website for current class descriptions and schedule.

Online Classes

Master Training System's is one of the only Internal Arts schools to offer a complete curriculum of online classes. These live online classes are disseminated through a multi-media interactive website MotionHealth.TV. Please visit the Motion Health TV Website to gain immediate access to our online conent.


Organizations and Communites

A partial listing of organizations and communities that have arranged Master Training Systems courses:

  • - Boca Health & Fitness Clinic
  • - Boca Raton Community Hospital
  • - John W. Henry Center
  • - Boynton Lakes Estates
  • - Comprehensive Alcoholism Rehabilitation Programs
  • - City of Boynton Beach
  • - City of Delray Beach
  • - City of Greenacres
  • - City of Lake Worth
  • - City of West Palm Beach
  • - Coral Lakes
  • - Cypress Lakes
  • - Dr. Douglas Canterbury-Counts
  • - Dr. Eric Cohen
  • - Dr. Lynn Migdal
  • - Dr. Gene Putnam
  • - Dr. Robert D. Willix, Jr.
  • - Florida Institute of Rehabilitation
  • - Huntington Lakes
  • - Lakeside Village by Marriot
  • - Lakes of Delray
  • - Lighthouse Elementary School
  • - Mid-County Senior Center
  • - Newport Place
  • - Palm Beach County Nature Center
  • - Palm Beach Dharma Center
  • - Palm Beach Institute
  • - Pil Sung Tae Kwon Do
  • - Prosperity Oaks
  • - Town of North Palm Beach
  • - Yoga Center (Deerfield Beach)
  • - Yoga Room (Delray Beach)