Master Training Systems - Curriculum

Master Training System

Master Training System

The Chinese characters in our banner convey this meaning:

When people Assemble with a commitment to Truth, the Motion that ensues will generate good Health
to themselves
and to the Universe


Grandmaster Daniel K. Pai's
Inwards Training Essentials (Bai Long Nei Gong Fu)

Golden Light Meditation (Nei Gong)
Vitality Exercise Set (Simplified Qi Gong)
Five Elements Moving Meditation
Ceremonial Bow Form and Applications (Gong Fu)
Peace and Joy Chanting Meditation

Grandmaster Wang Pei Sheng's
Motion Health Essentials

Rejuvenating Exercises for Common Ailments
Heaven Earth Training Excerpts (Qian Kun Wu Ji Gong):
Seven Stars Return to Their Own Positions
Sun and Moon Compare Who Is Brighter
Picking Treasures From Five Silk Purses

Yin Cheng System of Wu Style Tai Ji Quan

Tai Chi Essentials
Principles of Balance (Tai Ji Quan)
Lead and Follow with partners and
3 Preliminary Skills, solo (Tui Shou)
12 Movements of Wu style Tai Ji Quan:
  Preparation, Beginning Form,
  Grasp Bird's Tail, Conclusion

Level I (continues)
14 Postures of 37 Postures form
Preliminary Skills and changes with partners
4 Primary application Skills, solo

Level II (continues)
Postures 15 through 37
Primary Skills and changes with partners
8 Da Lu application Skills, solo

Level III (continues by personal training)
5 Elements, 8 Extraordinary Channels
12 Animals Properties and Relations
37 Postures form with 178 Applications
16 Postures form with 114 Applications
Da Lu Skills and changes with partners