Grandmaster Jeffrey Guiffre


Jeffrey J. Guiffre

Wu Quan You (1834-1902)
Wang Mao Zhai (1862-1940)
Yang Yu Ting (1887-1982)
Wang Pei Sheng (1919-2004)
Jeffrey Guiffre (1952-2013)

Grandmaster Jeffrey J. Guiffre was certified in China as a teacher and disciple "Dan Guang" by Great Master Wang Pei Sheng (Yin Cheng) of Beijing. He is the first American disciple of Great Master Wang, continuing a direct teaching lineage of Great Masters from Yang Yu Ting, Wang Mao Zhai, and Quan You, the founder of the old and original Wu style Tai Ji Quan. Guiffre enjoys continued relationships with his Kung Fu family in China with Master Wang Nai Zhao, Master Wang Nai Xiang and special liaison Hu Ju Justin.

Master Guiffre has been practicing and teaching Chinese meditative, healing, and martial arts since 1971. Grand Master Daniel K. Pai named him disciple "Bai Quan Li"; and tested and ranked him at the Fifth Higher Level (Master) in the White Dragon System of Inwards Kung-fu. In 2006 he was promoted to Grandmaster by Pai Lum Family Arts Society Chairman, Grandmaster Thomas D. St. Charles. He is experienced as a contestant, judge, and organizer, and served as Secretary-General during the promotion of World Tournaments in Las Vegas in 1989 and Honolulu in 1980.

He was awarded for "Distinguished Martial Arts," "Outstanding Judging," and "Outstanding Master's Performance" at National and International Chinese Kuoshu Federation Championships, and is an International Chinese Kuoshu Federation Lifetime Member.

Each of his two Grandmasters, now deceased, charged him to organize and promulgate their teachings. His programs have been the subject of news features on News Channel 5, Channel 12, in the Sun Sentinel, and the Palm Beach Post.

In a parallel vocation, Jeffrey Guiffre has also been practicing and teaching the art and science of illumination since 1971. Consultant and designer Jeffrey J. Guiffre began working with light as an art form in 1971, receiving his B.F.A., cum laude, from the Hartford Art School in 1974. He was awarded a subsidized studio at the Farmington Valley Art Center after a review and showing of the original Lucite sculptures constructed during this time. Over ten years his interest in lighting as art evolved into a practice of designing with light. Through 1980, more than one-hundred stage, studio, dance club, restaurant, and architectural projects were completed in California, Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, and New York.

From 1980 to 1990, Jeff designed and managed three of the pioneer industry facilities demonstrating lighting effects. His responsibilities ultimately included the overall direction and management of residential, commercial and industrial lighting interests, elaborate showrooms, and lighting operations at multiple locations. During his career, he served as the executive in charge of more than $250,000,000 of sales of lighting fixtures, lamps, and related electrical supplies, throughout New England and the Mideastern states, with oversight for many thousands of lighting projects, and direction over hundreds of lighting designs.

Jeff was recognized as an American Home Lighting Institute Certified Lighting Consultant in 1989. He received the International Illumination Design Award in New England in 1988. In 1986 and 1985 he served as President of the Illuminating Engineering Society in Connecticut. He received a citation from the Dean of Paier College, for his 2 year development and teaching of the six-credit lighting program for interior design students beginning in 1984. In 1981, Jeff was certified as a Member of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America, and in 1980 he was elected a Design Affiliate of the American Society of Interior Designers.