Dan Guang Disciples

Grandmaster Jeffrey J. Guiffre was certified in China as a teacher and disciple "Dan Guang" by Great Master Wang Pei Sheng (Yin Cheng) of Beijing. He is the first American disciple of Great Master Wang, continuing a direct teaching lineage of Great Masters from Yang Yu Ting, Wang Mao Zhai, and Quan You, the founder of the old and original Wu style Tai Ji Quan. In the year 2012 Dan Guang was granted special permission by Yin Cheng's family to certify disciples of his own.

Long Chinese Character

The family name for this generation of disciples is Long (pronounced like the "on" in Dragon). Each disciple was given a special literary name by the Yin Cheng family which conveys the outstanding characteristics and attributes of that individual. The disciple names were then auspiciously arranged in poetic format. Although specific to this set of disciples, the words encompassed within this poem speak to universal truths. The Long disciples will forever carry these words with them as they enter the Yin Cheng family gate and as they
continue their individual journeys along the path.

Long Disciple Names
"Perservere in Wisdom! Consider carefully
the means for Development and Expansion!"
Cultivate Benevolence! Heal!
Through Sincere Love, Consciousness Arises!"

Long Chi
Evelyn Ogren
   Determined long steady progress in our methods, and archive to preserve for the future
Long Hui
Mitchell Perlstein
   Transcendent, wise and jovial counsel in worldly affairs
Long Si
Matthew Jones
   Deep consideration of meaning of ideas of Buddha and Tao
Long Tuo
William Betts
   Grand ideas and endeavors to promote our arts here and around the world
Long Zhan
David Marshall
   Primary teaching assignments in USA, and established Ireland branch
Long Yu
Stephen Velazquez
   Sees and nurtures the interior goodness of people, even when their activities are troublesome
Long Ci
Ginger Palhof
   Always considerate and sharing of resources and facilities
Long Liao
Paul Tsang
   Correlate healing aspects of our arts, physical therapies, and traditional Chinese medicine
Long Zhi
E. William Aylward
   Perserverance and devotion to endless highest-quality training
Long Jue
Paul Vandergrift
   Correlate the spiritual essence and benefits of our arts with other religious traditions